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Dariusz Kujawski

Vice President of the Board

Tax advisor entered on the list of the National Council of Tax Advisors under number 13010, certified accounting specialist.

He graduated from the University of Szczecin at the Faculty of Economic Sciences and Management with a master's degree in economics (specialization: Financial Management). At the University of Szczecin he also completed post-graduate studies in the field of Tax Consulting and Accounting 

He worked for almost 15 years at the First Tax Office in Szczecin in the tax control department, in the departments of income taxes and VAT, as well as a manager in the department of internal control, analysis and planning.

2nd degree nominated official in the Civil Service.

Has certificates confirming the ability to communicate in English and German. During his career in First Tax Office in Szczecin, he participated in numerous tax and accounting courses organized by the Ministry of Finance and the Tax Administration Chamber in Szczecin (formerly: Tax Chamber in Szczecin).


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