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   In a situation where the result of the above actions leads to the conclusion that the client is innocent or there is another circumstance excluding the conduct of the investigation, we prepare an application on behalf of the party to discontinue the proceedings. In the event that this request is not accepted for various reasons and the case is continued by the authority, the client is represented by a attorney cooperating with our Office.At the client's request, in every case and in proceedings in which pre-trial arresting has been used, as well as for acts punishable by imprisonment - the lawyer represents the client from the beginning of cooperation.

3. Help for all clients - accountants, board members of companies and entrepreneurs.

Proposed by Taxologika services includ e:representation before the authorities conducting the proceedings, i.e. the head of the tax office, the head of the customsoffice, the prosecutor, the police,participation in hearings before courts of all instances, including the Supreme Court,assistance in emergency situations, i.e. arresting, searching, interrogation,preparing pleadings,giving advice, preparing opinions and defense strategy, negotiations.

The scope of services also includes such complex cases as those related to carousel offenses in VAT and unreliable transactions.



4. Case management model

We start each case with a tax analysis, including limitation periods, both for tax liability and the criminal act itself. Fiscal criminal liability is associated primarily with a violation of the law and the resulting tax obligations. Therefore, determining the lack of violation of these provisions leads to the elimination of the client's liability under the Fiscal Penal Code. We also perform a similar analysis in other cases of economic crime.





2. Assistance to clients whom Taxologika does accounting.

In the first place, we do not allow criminal and criminal fiscal proceedings to be initiated by proper compliance with accounting and tax law obligations. Before we start accounting, we analyze previous entries and fulfilling tax obligations in terms of compliance with applicable regulations. It allows us to react appropriately in cases of negligence made before we started accounting. After making the abovementioned, we present the client with solutions that minimize the conduct of fiscal penalties proceedings against him, which may appear in the current activities in business. For this purpose, we use legal and tax instruments that exclude the possibility of instituting criminal and fiscal criminal proceedings.In a situation where the initiation of fiscal criminal proceedings is our fault, we cover all costs of representing the client in the case.



1. We offer professional assistance in criminal and tax criminal matters.

Taxologika offers analysis of documents, determination of procedural tactics and assistance of a professional representative for accountants, board members of companies and entrepreneurs in:

  • criminal matters - conducted for economic crimes described in the Accounting Act, the Penal Code and the Act on the liability of collective entities for offenses under threat of penalty,
  • tax criminal matters - conducted on the basis of the Fiscal Penal Code


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