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Taxologika  sp. z o.o. 

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We try to be flexible and mobile. We offer our clients tax trainings and trainings  in the area of commercial and fiscal criminal law according to individual needs and preferences. If you are interested in creating training for You in any place and time, for a group of people / employees selected only by You, please contact us. We are sure that we will be able to offer your training customized to your needs and expectations.


Tax and criminal tax law trainings

Taxologika Tax and Accounting Office offers a number of trainings in the field of tax law and criminal tax law. Our employees often participate as trainers in courses organized by our Office and other institutions, e.g. the Accountants Association in Poland, Branch in Szczecin.

Our offer includes:

1. Stationary trainings

2. VOD trainings (Video On Demand)

3. Trainings for individual clients orders.


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