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Taxologika  sp. z o.o. 

Spółka doradztwa podatkowego

ul. Teofila Firlika 19 lok. 112       

71-637 Szczecin

Opening hours:  mon - fri: 8:30 am- 4:30  pm

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REGON: 380647394


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     In the case of a combination of tax consultancy services and bookkeeping services, we perform an ongoing analysis of the tax obligations in terms of meeting statutory requirements.We approach each case individually and choose the best solutions for the clients. In our work, we apply the four-eye principle, which means that the case is examined independently by at least two tax advisors in order to best perform the task.The type and nature of the service, however, depends on the client's choice. A short conversation or presenting the issue in the contact form, by e-mail, phone or in person, will allow to quickly determine the scope of the service.You can also contact us electronically via Messenger.



  • handling tax execution proceedings and installment applications,

  • preparing applications in matters of tax remissions and prorogation of tax payments,

  • tax analysis in terms of optimizing the tax liabilities,

  • preparation of transfer pricing documentation,

  • keeping tax documentation under procedure 42 of the VAT Act,

  • representing in matters of blocking bank account (STIR procedure),

  • representing in matters of permission of tax office for payment from VAT bank account (split payment).


Taxologika Tax and Accounting Office offers, among others:

  • general representation in tax authorities in all matters on the basis of general or specific power of attorney,
  • representing the client during tax control and tax proceedings (also submitting appeals and complaints),
  • representing in administrative courts of all instances,
  • preparing tax opinions regarding the client's obligations in the field of taxes, customs and excise duties,
  • preparing interpretation applications to national tax authorities in tax, customs and excise matters,




Frequent changes in tax regulations and the business environment cause many worries and problems for entrepreneurs, as well as non-entrepreneurs.Instead of focusing on running a business and developing service or product, You spend time analyzing law and tax effects? You can change it!We are tax advisers with many years of experience in working in national tax authorities. We deal with matters related to taxation of business income, VAT, excise and customs duties, undisclosed income, liability of inheritors and third parties for the obligations of taxpayers, foreign income, taxation of inheritance and donations, private rental and other ...You can entrust us with conducting Your tax affairs.


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